1. Against The Stream AngelInc 3:39
  2. Resistance For All AngelInc 5:30
  3. Aggression AngelInc 4:11
  4. Ghosts Of The Past AngelInc 3:05
  5. Big Brother AngelInc 4:07
  6. Suicide Nation AngelInc 4:23
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Latest Single

THE ONE – A story of the eternal fight between good and bad!

The sound of our new single is perfectly showing our new sound for the near future. Manuel Cohnen is our man behind the mixing desk. He has the ability to understand exactly what we want and how to do it.

Our new single is available on all streaming portals, just click here to choose your platform: http://spinnup.link/250947-the-one


AngelInc – The One

Dong Live Teaser 2019

Just a Moment

AngelInc – Ghosts of the past

AngelInc – Your Own Demons

AngelInc – Disco Party



New Single THE ONE out now!

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AngelInc live in greece!

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New video teaser published

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We had a blast @DONG OPEN AIR

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No upcoming event scheduled

About Us

ANGELINC was founded 2012 by bandleader Marco Grasshoff in Germany. After playing keyboards in various Hardrock – and Powermetalbands (CENTAUR, HEAVENWARD, POWERWORLD, REDRUM…), Marco decided to create something new – he wanted to sing and growl as well.
So the first album was meant to be a solo output of Marco first, but in the end ANGELINC grew together as a band. With the addition of Jean Bormann, Guido Gallus, Ilker Ersin and Mike Burns the line-up for recording of the first album RESISTANCE FOR ALL was there.
2015 was the release of RFA through RMB Records, distributed by Soulfood/recordjet in europe.
2016 ANGELINC played shows with bands like THE OTHER or APRON, before moving into a new studio and digging into the songwriting process again. The deal with RMB Records was canceled. After searching more than half a year, the band found a welcome addition on the rhythm guitar: Chris Winnemann.
2017 While writing and recording the new album together, the band was still looking for a new bass player. The bass on some new tunes is played by Michael Müller of JADED HEART meanwhile. You can hear the difference compared to RESISTANCE FOR ALL due to the complete integration of Jean Bormann into the whole songwriting process. The band appeared at the Rage Against Racism festival in germany, played with bands like RAGE, NUCLEAR, HAGGARD and established its first small „Wall OF Death“.
The band produced 2 Videos during their appearance at RAR-Festival.

By the end of the year,  our single Just A Moment came out and made it to viva.de and mtv.org

2018 A new bass player, Alex Kobs, could finally be found and we were booked for a European Tour with EKTOMORF.

2019 the band appeared at DONG OPEN AIR and shared the stage with bands like STEEL PANTHER, KATAKLYSM, BLOODYWOOD, INSOMNIUM, ALESTORM…



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